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Our Mission

Orchestral Play Along is not only a website were you will get access to the most realistic and complete orchestral accompaniments for musicians, but a constantly evolving platform were a team of musicologists, computer scientists and music performers have come together to develop a technology that will take music and musicians to horizons never explored before.

Our technology, developed by Rolling Scores® and powered by Blackbinder technology®, will let you apply to your favourite music all kind of features that will help you stop playing alone. In that regard, you will be capable of changing tempos, pitch, size of the music, recording yourself, muting the solo voice and the metronome... And everything without turning a single page thanks to our authoumatic-scroll technology. Next, we teach you how to use each and every one of the buttons on our viewer: 

OPA technology is involved in an ongoing  evolution. In fact, we have developed a very specific roadmap to show you our following paths. This journey is divided in five different phases that we have named with composers' names: Palestrina, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Mahler. Do you want to know what is next? Check it out!

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